Online Payday Loans Lenders -Nycbigmaps.Com Wed, 09 Oct 2019 18:17:45 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Take out a loan secured by an apartment in Kiev. Pros and cons of secured lending Wed, 09 Oct 2019 18:17:45 +0000 The same peculiarity of the livelier situation in Kiev is also seen in the issue of credit and financial relations. For example, it has been observed for a long time that to take out a loan secured by an apartment in Kiev and to take out a loan secured by an apartment , for example, in Zhmerynka – is not the same thing.

Why? Let’s try to deal with all the pros and cons of a similar financial transaction in the capital, in comparison with the same conditions in the province. You should also understand that the loan online on the card secured by the apartment is not issued and will need to visit the bank.

Advantages are to take out a loan secured by an apartment in Kiev

Advantages are to take out a loan secured by an apartment in Kiev

In Kiev, a loan secured by an apartment can be obtained for a much larger amount . Immediately strikes a different level of housing prices in the capital (Kiev) and the Ukrainian province. It is well-known that apartments in Kiev are much more expensive than similar ones (in terms of area and condition) in provincial towns, including in any regional center. By itself, on a pledge of expensive real estate (in Kiev) you can take a loan for a very solid amount.

If in the province the price of apartments is tens, at most, hundreds of thousands of hryvnias, then in Kiev their price starts from one million hryvnias and above.

Accordingly, the amount of loan secured by an apartment , which can be taken in the capital and the province, also differ by an order of magnitude. Why do I need a large loan amount? Everyone will have their own answer to this question.

Loan secured by an apartment in Kiev

Loan secured by an apartment in Kiev

Can be put into circulation and earned. As you know, they flock to Kiev, and here money from all over Ukraine turns. Smart and active people here have a lot more opportunities to make money. And on average, it is easier to do than in any other city in the country.

A large loan secured by an apartment in Kiev is one of the most affordable ways of obtaining a solid amount of working capital. Well, what kind of loan secured by an apartment can you get in a rural town? Tens of thousands of hryvnias? And what kind of business can be opened for that amount? Stall stall or local trading venue? In Kiev, on the security of a similar apartment, you can already get a loan of several hundred thousand, up to one million hryvnia, and even more.

This is already enough solid money to start a new business, or to infuse (enter) into an existing one. And it is already possible to pay the body of the loan and interest on the income from the turnover of credit money in business.

Sharpe measures the quality of an investment Sun, 21 Jul 2019 16:07:11 +0000

Many of us are starting to take the first steps in the world of risky investments by buying investment funds, not only because they are available and accessible to most people, but also because they enable diversification at low cost.

First steps are given based on verified profitability by basing simple concepts

First steps are given based on verified profitability by basing simple concepts

If you have a good profitability then it is good investment, and so begins in the investment world. If everything goes well, it will continue to think in the same way until the day when something goes wrong and other indicators are evaluated.

Unfortunately, many new investors who, after a slip, add historical data to their analysis elements again falling into error. Investment funds are clear, past returns do not guarantee future returns, however, mentally many are new investors who only look for a track record of returns.

By this I do not mean that it is wrong to use this indicator, but rather to warn that it is not enough. It is necessary to know more about the investment fund and learn how to classify an investment, such as the degree of risk and its correspondence with the investment policy. It is necessary to know the management team and the curriculum of the fund manager. It is necessary to know the commissioning of the fund and the conditions of redemption.

But it is still not enough for decision making, many more elements could be added, however, there is an indicator called Sharpe Index that presents a qualitative reading of the investment fund and thus is a powerful indicator in decision making.

Sharpe Index


In the world of combinations the Sharpe index created by Willian Sharpe combines profitability and risk or performance and volatility and aims to mirror how this performance was achieved. If it was at the cost of too much risk or reduced risk.

Basically if the Sharpe index has a high value is because the profitability obtained with few risks. If the Sharpe index has a low value then it means that it took too many risks to obtain such a return.

This capacity of the Sharpe index demonstrates, in a certain way, the management team’s strategy and the fund’s management capacity seeking to create positive future value at the lowest possible risk.

In order for the Sharpe index to be calculated, it is necessary to combine performance and volatility with a risk-free product. From this conjugation to number is returned that, the bigger the return per unit of risk.

What We Can Finish

What We Can Finish

One of the conclusions that we can draw is that by comparing mutual funds of the same category we can verify which ones have an active management and which have a passive management.

Basically the manager who has a higher Sharpe ratio is because he has an active management and is committed to developing a strategy that can overcome the average performance of the market running low risk. Investment funds of the same category that have a low Sharpe ratio reveal that the fund manager acts simply or simply following the market.

Accordingly, Sharpe’s index reveals the fund manager’s ability to get more return for its investors at lower risk.

Similarly, an investment fund that has a negative Sharpe index reveals that it would be more advantageous for investors to invest their money in a risk-free product.

How to find a loan between individuals urgent? Thu, 09 May 2019 04:40:12 +0000


What is urgent personal credit?

What is urgent personal credit?

Many individuals report seeking a loan between individuals on an urgent basis for a variety of reasons. 
Whether it is to repay a debt or to finance a new project, this type of demand is becoming more and more common. 
This financial transaction allows for a loan in which no bank intervenes.

The lender and the borrower are therefore two individuals who agree on the loan transaction. 
In the case of an urgent personal loan search, this means that the plaintiff needs to find credit quickly and usually within 24 hours. 
However, many individuals do not know how to go about finding an urgent and fast loan between individuals.

The different ways to obtain an urgent loan between individuals


The number of requests for loans between individuals is greater than the supply, which means that many households are unable to obtain the desired credit. 
Here are the main methods that allowed households to benefit from an urgent loan between individuals.

Internet search

Many credit experts agree that the success of private credit is largely due to the rise of the Internet. 
According to statistics, 80% of loans between individuals could be done through the linking of the two parties on the internet. 
Therefore, do not hesitate to submit your application on forums for finance or even general.

Some websites have also specialized in connecting individuals to the purpose that they enter into a loan transaction. 
For individuals with the opportunity to invest a few euros, they can create an ad on which they indicate to be looking for a loan between individuals. 
In a search for a loan between serious individuals, it is best to find a private lender near his place of residence.

It is therefore advisable to target only people residing in the same department so that the transaction can take place quickly. 
For this type of request, it is necessary to create a web page on which it is necessary to indicate precisely its search. 
In particular, you must indicate the desired amount and the maximum monthly payment that can be reimbursed. 
Once the ad is served, the requester will pay a few cents each time someone views the ad. 
In addition, the use of social networks is becoming more common to benefit from an urgent credit between individuals.

Contact family and friends

It is very common for a loan between individuals to be between two people from the same family or between people who already know each other. 
Calling on his entourage to benefit from a loan between individuals urgently facilitates the operation because mutual trust exists. 
Therefore, in this type of loan, it is not uncommon for the borrower to obtain a bank check directly from the desired amount.

Regarding the repayment terms, everything is done orally and there is no administrative burden as may be the case with a bank loan. 
Thus, to benefit from an urgent and serious loan between individuals, calling on friends or family is the best way.

Urgent loan between individuals: a boon for scammers

It is known that a loan between individuals is a sector attracting many scam artists taking advantage of the naivety of people. 
The risk of being scammed is even higher among people who are in urgent need of a personal loan.

For scammers, it is much easier to abuse the trust of individuals seeking an urgent personal loan. 
Indeed, these individuals are in need of urgent money and, as a result, they are more easily accepting to pay the so-called administrative fees claimed by the scammers. 
As a result, even in the case of an urgent need for money, it is imperative never to send money to lenders claiming fees before making money available.

Conclusion on urgent loans between individuals

Banks are becoming increasingly reluctant to lend to individuals for fear of never getting their money back. 
This is essentially why private lending is so important in many countries. 
In the case of a need for a loan between individuals urgent, it is much better to appeal to his entourage. 
This allows you to quickly benefit from the desired loan and without any risk of being scammed by a stranger.

In the case where a plaintiff does not have the possibility to be lent money by one of his relatives, he will have to carry out the operation with a stranger. 
It is therefore imperative to take all necessary precautions before accepting an offer despite the urgent nature of the financial need.

Online payday loans -How to get a payday loan online? Wed, 24 Apr 2019 16:00:36 +0000 The loan to start a business of your own is not a bad deal. The problem is that if this loan is not taken for the right reasons and the right planning, there are high chances that the loan will result in a loss for you and your company, making the dream of your own business a nightmare.

5 relatively simple questions can help you answer if the loan to open a small business is a good idea or a big risk. These questions can also help you if you want to try a loan for your business that is already up and running but that needs resources for a certain purpose.

How to get a payday loan online?

Small Business Loan

You should be able to state, in a sentence, why taking a loan is crucial to starting a business. For example, your reasoning might be, “A loan will give me the capital needed to open the company and keep the employees for X months.” However, if your answer, like this one in our example, does not have a direct mention of a form of revenue for the business, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. An acceptable phrase would be “a loan will give me the capital needed to open the business and keep it for X months, when it will start to pay itself.”

Loan to start a business of your own: how soon will the loan begin to be paid?

When you have a return on an investment in the company, it means a percentage of the initial value applied. In order for you to start repaying the loan, the return on investment has to compensate for the interest rates on the loan and also offset the remuneration rates for low-risk investments such as the CBD and savings. All this, still associated with the time it will take for you to start having the comeback. These associations are important because lower risk investments are better destinations for your money, and getting a loan for a risky business that does not yield as much money may not be as successful.

Let’s think with examples. If you borrowed $ 100 to open your business, and I made $ 20 at the end of the month, you had a 20% profit. If the interest on these $ 100 is 50% then you are still at the loss because you would have to have profited by at least 50% to pay the bills. It is only to have a CDB or savings with any return and to start using your own money you have a less risky investment and that can give you a much greater return.

It is a very basic calculation, but from this idea of ​​return on investment (adding costs, including those of the loan, and getting a relationship with profit), you can begin to see well if the loan is a good option to open your business.

As long as the right calculations are done, you can open your business with a loan and make a big profit on that. But you will need to calculate very calmly!

We at may help you with an online payday loan.

Loan to open company: what is your best financing option?

Loan to open company: what is your best financing option?

If you have determined that financing is required to open your business, you should ask yourself whether financing in the form of a loan is really the best choice for you. It may be a good choice to seek to build a relationship of trust with angel investors, or with a financial institution. Or create a growth strategy that requires less initial investments, with capital that can start from your own pocket. The loan has to be at the last option in a list because the risks involved are many, and the necessary planning must be redoubled for the success of the business.

When will you need or can you repay the loan?

How quickly you will need your loan will have a substantial impact on the type of loans for which you can apply. It can be a loan that has a grace period for the first installment, or a loan that already has to start being paid in the month immediately following the company’s opening. Remember that knowing when the loan will be needed (ie how many months your business will be opened) is also important, so that you already plan the payments of the installments.

Where do you see your business in the future?

Small business owners tend to get bogged down in the day to day operations of running a business. It can be difficult to project years into the future when you are performing an operation that requires your immediate attention at present. But without a clear plan, the profitability of your business is at stake. Even worse, your pocket will be at risk because if the deal goes wrong, you will have to repay the loan with your own funds.

Starting a business with your own money is a minor risk. Starting a business with money from a financial institution is a much greater risk, which can foul your name and hurt your chances of getting a new loan for another business or even a personal loan. But well planned, a loan can be the necessary boost for a successful business.

How Do Dishonest Loan Companies Extort Money? Thu, 21 Mar 2019 02:30:26 +0000

Although a number of actions against dishonest loan companies have been noted in recent years, it still does not discourage dozens of audacious fraudsters from using unfair practices in this sector. Every year, hundreds of Poles fall victim to it. How do dishonest loan companies extort money?

Fraud and loan market, unfortunately, are very similar issues. It must have been many years and tens of shocking stories about abuses that resulted mainly from the imprecise law to tighten regulations on popular payday loans and other non-bank services.

What is worse, many fraudsters operating in the sphere of the loan market are not those providing private loans, but registered loan companies soporific vigilance of many consumers. Despite the changes in the law in March 2016, clever fraudsters still successfully carry out many unfair practices, robbing thousands of zlotys and doing it often in a way difficult to detect by law enforcement agencies.

In the activities of many cheaters, you can find some regularly repeated practices and schemes. It is good to point them out and regularly describe them in order to sensitize the widest possible range of consumers to the challenges of looking for loans. And even though the market in recent years has been saturated with a large number of honest corporations operating under clearly defined conditions, it is better not to be aware of the situation – it is better to be aware of potentially unfair practices at the back.

How do dishonest loan companies extort money?


How dishonest loan companies extort money

In the light of currently binding regulations called so-called the anti-usury law , it is now much easier to define the basic scope of the loan fraudsters’ actions. Previously, due to the lack of defining dedicated provisions, loan companies operated on principles generally accepted in the Civil Code. It was difficult then to make a comprehensive list of practices justifying why, for example, billing horrendous commission costs is unfair.

Let us then provide a list of practices which in the light of the anti-usury law are breaking the law and can be treated with certainty as fraud and extorting consumer money.

  • Failure to inform the consumer about the cost of the loan and not to provide information about them on the website.
    – The signs of deception may also carry deliberate marginalization of these data, placing them in small print in an unseen place or “hiding” on difficult to track subpages.
    – At present, the costs of loans and payday loans can not be more than 25% of the loan amount and 30% of its amount per annum. Costs are a commission and an administration fee – interest
    – Thus, for example, offering a payday of PLN 5,000, the additional payment of which for any reason is, for example, PLN 2,500 or another suspiciously high amount, certainly is a fraud.
  • Charging higher costs of reminders and reminders than specified in the Act.
    – I am talking here about penal interest in circumstances where the consumer is unable to pay the loan timely and the company takes criminal and admonishing actions.
    – In the past, it often happened that dishonest lenders screened the costs of penal interest and prompts to horrendous ceilings, which often reached amounts close to half or even equal to borrowed sums of money.
    – In the light of the current provisions, penalty interest can not be more than 15% of the total loan amount (six times the Lombard rate of the National Bank of Poland).
    – So if, for example, a loan company wishes, for example, 800 zlotys of penalty costs for a loan of PLN 2,000, it is an obvious attempt to cheat and extort money.

Other examples of extorting money by loan companies

The abovementioned examples of unfair practices of loan companies are, of course, the tip of the iceberg. Creativity of cheaters often surprises even experts from the financial market, although in recent years there has been an increased interest in describing and scoring fraudulent practices. Let us list some of the popular fraudsters’ practices on extorting money from consumers seeking loans.

  • Offering a loan for a photo or a scan of an ID card.
    – A loan to which only sending a photo or scanning an identity document is required without any other formalities and requirements should lead to a red lamp on each consumer.
    – The situation in which only a scan of evidence is required can lead to a situation where fraudsters want to extort from the consumer data, to … yourself for a stolen identity to incur, for example, a payment or other service, which is required to present a personal ID.
  • A loan from an uncertain company.
    – Some scammers like to set up companies with a complicated ownership structure.
    – The website usually tries to inspire trust by project, imitating the most popular competitors.
    – It is worth checking the contact tab. 
    – Suppressing information about, for example, an entry in the National Court Register, etc., may also lead to believe that the company has not obtained permission to operate from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Thus, it works illegally.
    – If the above information is missing or false, you should stop investigating the offer of a dishonest lender.

An example of unfair loan practices on the example of Rapilo

In September 2018, we wrote about a company whose offer is an example of an extremely bold and dangerous fraud. Rapilo, in a way, cumulates the above-mentioned standard features of an unfair loan company, as exemplified by the following selected parameters.

  • No contact information.
  • There is no clear information about the cost of the loan and its type.
  • In addition, the above unspoken feature – Rapilo requires paid SMSes and additional costs during registration, although the loan has not yet been granted! It’s a classic form of money extortion.
  • The company is a sole proprietorship, without the SA’s consent to function as a loan institution.

How do clients defend themselves against unfair practices of loan companies? Who should report phishing attempts?

The most popular entity to which unfair practices can be reported is, for example, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. Despite the introduction in March 2016 of the so-called anti-usury law, this office is constantly recording a growing number of notifications about various types of irregularities in the functioning of selected lenders. This is confirmed only by the conviction that many cheaters can not scare away even tightening the law.

In addition, if you suspect that the company, for example, does not have the SA’s approval of the activity or obviously breaks the law (too high costs of loans), it will also be appropriate to submit a notification at a nearby police station.

In this way, we will not only contribute to the fight against fraudsters on the loan market, but will also protect potential dozens of consumers from falling victim to extortion.

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Small Business Loan – Immediate Online Credit Tue, 05 Mar 2019 04:30:33 +0000

Not only individuals, but also small businesses have to take a larger amount of money every now and then to make some business-specific important purchases.

Anyone working with low profit margins and reinvesting the capital in their own company will sooner or later not get paid for a loan.

Meanwhile, many banks offer a loan for small businesses. The loan is an important financing element in a well-regulated company.

Almost every company has a mix of equity and credit to create a healthy balance. As cheap as a loan is currently available in Germany, the borrower is so almost cheaper away, as with the taxes he would have to pay a larger amount of equity.

Where can you find cheap loans?

Where can you find cheap loans?

In order to survey the large number of potential lenders, whether banks or even state economic development agencies, the Internet offers a unique source to compare different types of loans in terms of their duration, cost and required collateral.

However, in general one can observe that, with suitable collateral and, in the best case, solvent guarantors, many banks and credit institutions will grant such a loan. Many sites offer different loan types to compare for free and to find out the best conditions for their own small business.

A timely comparison is the best way to ensure good conditions and to go well prepared for the application. In principle, many variables can be adapted exactly to the needs of the trader. In particular, the level of payment and the duration of the loan are often negotiable.

How do I apply for a loan?

How do I apply for a loan?

Although today’s transactions are fast and secure over the Internet, the same collateral and evidence banks would expect from credit seekers can still be provided. Thus, various evidence must be provided that it is a legally registered small business.

Also regular business figures are often called in order to have an overview of the development of the solvency of the company. Among other things, this includes the last tax assessment as well as a standard business evaluation. Highly automated online banks are happy to help with easy-to-use tools and help them choose the right loan.

Different types of loans

Different types of loans

If you are interested in a small business loan, you can choose between several different models. The individual products differ in terms of purpose, groups of people, availability, lending volume, collateral and donors.

A high number of consumer loans has a lending volume of € 5,000 to € 50,000. If the upper limit of the respective loan is € 5,000, it is a small loan. Most financing products are not tied to a specific purpose.

However, you should inform yourself in advance exactly about the respective modalities, so as not to take any risks on this point. Increasingly popular is the online loan. These are installment loans or consumer loans, which are completed over the Internet.

A major advantage of this type of loan: The processing is very quick, so these models are also referred to as instant, direct, express or quick loan. In the category of loans without an earmarking also the credit without Schufa falls. Since there are unfortunately some black sheep in this area as well, you should first check each provider comprehensively for its seriousness.

Other loan types

Other loan types

The installment loan is also in great demand. As the name implies, the loan is repaid to the creditor in monthly installments.

The interest rate and the amount of the payments usually remain the same over the entire term. More specifically, these are installment credits in which the rate is composed of interest and redemption portions. The interest, ie the annual percentage rate of charge, is calculated on the remaining credit amount. The longer the contract period progresses, the more the remainder of the debt goes down – and the debtor has to pay less interest. To compensate for this, the repayment share increases.

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Business online loans, features and conditions Tue, 26 Feb 2019 07:36:02 +0000


2016 saw the revival of the credit market after particularly difficult years for Italian families, and for this reason the online loans sector is experiencing a boom of increasingly advantageous proposals for those who suddenly find themselves with the need to request a sum in cash to meet certain needs. Among the various proposals to which an applicant can apply is also Siel Bank , one of the oldest credit institutions in Italy, having been founded in 1886, and which today is one of the leading companies in the web sector, now more and more widespread and sought by aspiring applicants compared to normal physical agencies. Here are the characteristics and conditions of Siel Bank online loans for 2016.

Easy easy financing

Easy easy financing

The top management of Siel Bank has defined their easy personal loan on line as easy as they read on their official website , where they can discover in detail all the offers reserved to their customers. Certainly their loan presents very advantageous TAN and TAEG : the annual nominal rate is fixed at 5.99 percent , while the Annual Effective Annual Rate, ie the one including all the expenses and financial charges in addition to interest, does not go beyond 6.29 percent . To better understand, we can report as an example calculated an amount disbursed of 6,500 euros, to be repaid in a repayment plan in 48 monthly installments: the amount to be repaid will be 152.62 euros per month.

Who can apply for the Siel Bank online loan?

To enter the audience of the beneficiaries, just hold a current account at the bank and up to a maximum amount of 10 thousand euro you can make a complete request directly online, presenting the last two paychecks or pension slips, the latest tax return plus any additional documents, which may be requested by the bank based on the purpose of the loan, such as the purchase of a consumer good or the renovation of a property. They can apply for on-line loans for both employees and retirees , through the assignment of the fifth, and also self-employed workers through the case of loans without paychecks. Through the site you can also request further information by filling out the appropriate form with your personal data.

Siel Bank online

Over the decades, the Siel Bank Group has evolved by facing numerous internal changes and also evidently influenced by external factors, such as the birth and development of new digital media: a challenge that Siel Bank has seized in full, becoming one of the the most innovative credit institutes in Italy, for example developing a series of skills in the online trading sector that have made it the leader of this market segment, also being appreciated by users both for the clarity of communication of its commercial offers and for the possibility to manage all the useful services for a customer directly from the Internet, through the dedicated Web Siel dedicated area. It is therefore not surprising that Siel Bank has reserved a very important axis of its commercial offer to online loans.

The other online offers of Siel Bank

If the “easy easy financing” is the lion’s share in the field of online services provided by Siel Bank, there are other attractive proposals that we briefly illustrate for completeness of information: the bank offers dedicated tools for example for those who need of liquidity to make investments in the energy field using clean sources, but also for students who must complete their studies and can get help thanks to the loan of honor specially reserved for them. There is also no shortage of loans for retirees and, of course, dedicated offers for mortgage applicants .

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